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February 27, 2009




SUBJECT    :    Addendum to Memorandum Circular No. 02 Dated January 16, 2008 Re-Reconstitution and Strengthening of Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Points

Pursuant to the provision of the Constitution, Republic Act 6657, Republic Act 7192, Executive Order No. 348 and other related issuances relative to the integration of gender concerns in the policies, programs and projects in the Department; and in order to institutionalize gender responsiveness in the different sectoral components of CARP i.e., land tenure improvement, support services and delivery of agrarian justice, the following DAR officials and personnel are hereby designated as members of the GAD National Steering Committee and GAD Technical Working Group, to wit:    IcTaAH

I.       GAD National Steering Committee

Asst. Sec. Dominador Andres                                                      -   FOO

Director Ibra D. Omar, Al Haj                                                        -   BALA

Director Nestor C. Bayoneto                                                         -   MIS

Director Dominador V. Sison                                                         -   Administrative Service

II.      GAD Technical Working Group

Ms. Adelaida Sobreviñas                                                               -   OSEC

Mr. James Mata vice Ms. Melinda Dizon                                       -   Planning Service

Ms. Delia Baldovino-Gabales vice Ms. Marnie Pebrada                -   BARBD

Mr. Florentino Antiporda, Jr.                                                           -   BALA

Ms. Cynthia Linag vice Ms. Lilian Dionisio                                     -   Budget Division

Ms. Lorna Lim                                                                                -   FOO

Ms. Marissa Fabricante                                                                 -   IAS

Ms. Cynthia Angeles                                                                      -   DARAB Secretariat

Under this circular, the above-mentioned personnel shall perform their respective duties and responsibilities stated in Memorandum Circular No. 02 dated January 16, 2008.

This issuance takes effect immediately and revokes/amends all orders inconsistent herewith.

February 27, 2009, Diliman, Quezon City.    ADcSHC




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