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August 29, 2003




SUBJECT    :     Amending Memorandum Circular No. 9 Series of 1997 as amended by MC No.
                           6, Series of 1998
, Restoring the Authority to Approve/Disapprove/Act on
                           Protest Cases of Regional Directors (RDs) in certain Provinces in Region IV
                           Granted under Administrative Order Nos. 9, 10 and 12, Series of 1994 and
                           Administrative Order No. 5, Series of 1992


Pursuant to the authority of the Secretary to streamline processes, the delegated authority to approve/disapprove/act on protest cases, conversion and exemption/exclusion applications granted to Regional Directors (RDs) under A.O. 12, S. of 1994, A.O. 10, S. of 1994 and the authority to lift notices of acquisition under A.O. 5, S. of 1992, which was recalled in Region IV is hereby RESTORED.    SaTAED

These shall apply to all landholdings specifically located in the following critical provinces: Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Quezon I, Quezon II and Rizal, which are being applied or intended to be applied for conversion or exemption/exclusion, or other protests from coverage, pursuant to the applicable guidelines.

All pending applications for conversion and exemption in Region IV that have not been acted upon by the previous administration and have been turned-over to the CLUPPI Secretariat shall be turned-over to the RCLUPPI Region IV for processing pursuant to the applicable guidelines.

All other Memorandum Circulars made by this Department which are inconsistent herewith are hereby revoked or amended as the case may be.

This Order takes effect immediately.    AEcIaH

Diliman, Quezon City August 29, 2003.





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