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December 16, 1997




SUBJECT    :     Amendments To Administrative
                          Order No. 7, Series Of 1997, Entitled
                          "Omnibus Rules And Procedures
                          Governing Conversion Of Agricultural
                          Lands To Non-Agricultural Uses"


        SECTION 1.   Item X. Filing Fees, is hereby amended to read as follows:

Applications                               Fixed Fee                 Variable Fee

Filed with the                                 P1,000.00                        None

Regional Offices of

the DAR or the

Regional CLUPPI

(five hectares or


Filed with the CLUPPI                   P2,000.00    Additional P10,000.00

                                                                   for areas in Mindanao


                                                     P2,000.00      Additional P7,000.00

                                                                             for areas in the


                                                     P2,000.00      Additional P4,000.00

                                                                        for areas in Luzon

        SECTION 2.   Item XVIII, TRANSITORY PROVISIONS is likewise amended to read as follows:   cdtai

"The provisions of this Administrative Order shall be applicable to all applications filed WITH THE DAR on or after its effectivity. All other applications PENDING with the DAR before its effectivity shall be governed by the pertinent administrative order or issuances in force, at the time of the filing of the applications, and shall be processed accordingly, EXCEPT as to the procedure provided for under this Guideline which shall be made applicable to all applications pending with the DAR."

        SECTION 3.   The solitary paragraph of the REPEALING CLAUSE provision is hereby amended to read as follows:

"This Administrative Order repeals A.O. 12, SERIES OF 1994, and all other issuances not consistent with this order. The provisions of Memorandum Circular No. 09, Series of 1997 shall however remain valid."

        SECTION 4.   This Administrative Order shall retroact to the date of effectivity of Administrative Order No. 7, Series of 1997.

        Diliman, Quezon City, December 16, 1997.




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