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SUBJECT    :     Submission of Support Lists on Program Beneficiary Development (PBD) Accomplishment


I.          Background

In CY 2008, the Department of Agrarian Reform has adopted a Result-based Organizational Performance Indicators Framework (OPIF) in lieu of the output indicator previously used. Thereafter, DAR is to be measured by the results of its implemented programs and projects. Under PBD, the Sector is measured on the output and outcome or results of its program implementation in terms of the improvement of farm productivity, household income, and well-being of agrarian reform households. The interventions under Social Infrastructure and Local Capability Building (SILCAB) and Sustainable Agribusiness and Rural Enterprise Development (SARED) should redound to a better and advanced access to agricultural credit/micro-finance, technology, market support services, physical infrastructure, and basic social services of agrarian reform beneficiaries and their household members.    ESDHCa

As an offshoot, the PBD Sector modified the performance indicators (PIs) of the Major Final Outputs to align with the revised OPIF. These performance indicators were adopted for both the Work and Financial Plans (WPs) and the Performance Contracts (PCs) of the Regional Directors. In turn, the WPs and the PCs serve as references during the periodic assessment conducted by the Sector.

Hence, the submission of list of actual intervention provided in terms of trainings, credit and micro-finance, among others, would substantiate the reported accomplishments of the respective field officials.


II.         Objectives

With the emerging result oriented performance indicator, it is imperative that deliverables targeted for the period are monitored and properly documented as to its actual accomplishment as reported by the field offices, from the DARMO up to DARRO levels. This is also aimed at:

           enhancing the database system of DAR and aid management to effectively plan, decide, and formulate policies for an improved/enhanced PBD program implementation;

           capturing the outputs and results of the interventions provided both in ARCs and non-ARC barangays. 


III.       Policy Statements

1.         Timely submission of Forms 1-11 (ARC Status) to the BARBD thru the RSSD is to be strictly observed.

2.         The Support Services Office (SSO) designed the template to capture details of accomplishments on some performance indicators (PIs) under SILCAB, SARED, and AFAE. The templates (SSO Forms A to L) form part of this memorandum circular.

3.         Field Offices shall still submit regular and additional reports required by BARBD, PDMS/FAPsO, Office of the Undersecretary for Support Services and the Planning Service.

4.         Figures posted in the PBD accomplishments report of the PAROs/RDs shall only be credited and accepted as valid upon submission of support forms A to L, and pertinent documents/proof of evidences such as SB Resolutions with regards to ARC development plans mainstreamed in the LGU Development Plans, among others.


IV.       Mechanics

           The concerned MAROs/DFs have to fill-up and duly sign these forms and forward them to the PARO, thru the BDCD, together with the usual accomplishment forms submitted in time for the quarterly, mid-year and year-end reporting. The list will support the reported PBD accomplishments, both in ARCs and in non-ARC barangays during the specified reporting period.    THCSAE

           The BDCD shall evaluate and consolidate the forms submitted by the MAROs and forward these to the DARRO thru the RSSD. They shall likewise maintain their own database, for easy reference. The CARPOs of PMEU and BDCD shall sign the consolidated forms, duly approved by the PARO.

           The RSSD shall likewise consolidate the forms submitted by the DARPOs, and countercheck/ensure that the list coincide with the figures reflected in the accomplishment report under the concerned PIs. These are then forwarded to the SSO, duly signed by the CARPOs of RSSD and Planning Unit, and approved by the Regional Director.

           The SSO shall analyze and integrate the reports submitted by the Regional Offices and submit the PBD Sector Accomplishment Report to Planning Service.

           Deadlines for submission of PBD Accomplishment Reports with attached supporting documents/lists are the following:

MARO to DARPO               -     Every 8th of the succeeding month of the reporting period

DARPO to DARRO             -     Every 15th of the succeeding month of the reporting period    CSTEHI

DARRO to SSO                   -     Every 20th of the succeeding month of the reporting period

SSO to Planning Service        -     Every 30th of the succeeding month of the reporting period


V.        Attachments

   Form                           Description

SSO Form A          Support List on ARBs Trained

SSO Form B          Support List on New ARB Members of Organizations

SSO Form C          Support List on Number of POs Assisted

SSO Form D          Support List on Agribusiness Lands Developed

SSO Form E          Support List on New Products Developed

SSO Form F          Support List on Product Launched in Commercial Market

SSO Form G          Support List on Completed Infrastructure Projects

SSO Form H          Support List on Other Health Providers

SSO Form I           Support List on Agri-credit Provided

SSO Form J           Support List on Micro-Credit Provided

SSO Form K         Support List on Trade Fairs Participated/Conducted

SSO Form L          Support List on Marketing Contracts Facilitated


VI.       Effectivity

This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately.    DISTcH




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