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July 24, 2002


SUBJECT    :     Providing Rules and Regulations on Contractual Employees in the Department


In the exigency of the service, the following rules and regulations shall be strictly observed as regard to DAR contractual employees, both those occupying plantilla positions on a contractual basis and those under Contracts of Service:    aEcSIH

1.         Contracts of said employees shall be prepared and processed only by the Office of the Administrative Service (OAS) and approved by the FMAO Undersecretary. As part of said processing, the prospective contractual employee shall be required to complete and submit the required application and supporting documents to OAS.

2.         Strict implementation of "no contract no pay" policy. In this regard, no contractual may be allowed to report for work without approved contract.

3.         All Contractual employees shall register under the finger scan system for their attendance which shall be the basis for paying their respective salaries. This shall not be used, however, to establish employee-employer relationship by contracting personnel (COS). For existing contractual employees, failure to register under the finger scan system within one (1) week from the effectivity of this Order shall nullify their respective employment contract with the DAR.

4.         The preparation and implementation of payroll covering the contractual employees, as approved by the FMAO Undersecretary, shall be lodged only with the OAS. Standard salary rates for contractual employees, as may be allowed by applicable laws, shall also be strictly observed.

Pending review of policies affecting the regional offices, the above rules and regulations shall apply to contractual personnel at the DAR Central Office.

This amends all other Orders to the contrary and shall take effect immediately.    HCITAS

24 July 2002, Diliman, Quezon City.





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