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March 7, 2007



SUBJECT    :     Amendment to Dept. AO 2, Series of 2007, Re: Audit Agenda of the Internal Audit Service for CY 2007


In consonance with the DAR-IAS Charter and in line with the effort for the extension of the CARP implementation beyond 2008, the audit agenda of the Internal Audit Service is hereby amended as follows:    TSIDaH

1.         Personnel Systems Audit

1.1       Inventory and Attendance of Personnel

1.2       Merit on Selection, Placement and Promotion Plan (MSPP)

2.         Audit on the Inventory of CARP Scope Project

3.         Systems Audit on AO 1, s. 1989, re: "Rules and Procedures Governing Land Transactions"

4.         Systems Audit on AO 6, s. 2003, re: "Rules and Procedures Governing Leasehold Implementation on Tenanted Agricultural Lands" (coconut and rice)

5.         Audit on the Identification of Farmer Beneficiaries

6.         Audit on the Reported Distributed Titles at DARPO/DARMO Level

7.         2006 Operations and Performance Audit

8.         Audit on Distributed but Not Yet Paid Landholdings (Regions V & VI only)    EaICAD

9.         Special Audit Assignment as called upon by the Secretary

All Internal Auditors are expected to conduct the audit using the appropriate audit methodologies and submit required reports on or before the deadline set per audit activity. All officials and concerned offices are hereby instructed to extend full support and cooperation to all Internal Auditors in the conduct of their audit.

This Administrative Order shall take effect immediately and amends AO 2, series of 2007.

March 7, 2007. Diliman, Quezon City.    cCESTA




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