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August 10, 1999




TO                :     All Regional Directors/Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers

SUBJECT    :     Strict Compliance to the Guidelines on the Processing of Applications for
                           Exemption/Exclusion (ALI Cases)

In the interest of effective and efficient service, and in order to improve the documentation, review, evaluation and processing of application for exemption/exclusion, all Regional Directors and Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers are hereby directed to observe the rules and procedures stipulated in the Administrative Orders governing said activity. Specifically, you are instructed to adopt and strictly implement the following:    DaEATc

1.         On the receipt/acceptance of application for exemption/exclusion (ALI Cases):

All DAR Regional/Provincial Offices shall not accept application for exemption/exclusion with incomplete documentation. The evaluation of the completeness of the documents in the application shall be based on the requirements as specified in the appropriate Administrative Order/s.

2.         On the recording and filing system of applications for exemption/exclusion (ALI Cases):

For the effective and efficient monitoring of applications (ALI cases), all DAR field offices shall adopt and implement a system for proper recording and filing of all applications (ALI cases) processed and resolved by the Regional Office and applications forwarded to and resolved by the Central Office.

The Regional Office (Records Section) shall maintain a file copy of all applications (cases) forwarded to the Central Office for final action.

  3.        On the applications (cases) inventory/status report generation:

The Regional Center for Land Use Policy, Planning and Implementation (RCLUPPI) should adhere to the principle of internal control and review to attain accuracy in applications (cases) inventory/status reporting.

For immediate and strict compliance.




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