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May 21, 1987




TO                :     All Regional Directors, District Officers, Team Leaders and Field Personnel

SUBJECT    :     Authorizing Regional Offices to Hear/Investigate and Resolve


            Under Program A of the expanded and comprehensive agrarian reform program of the present administration, this Department is tasked, among other activities, to complete the final survey of all tenanted rice and corn lands before the middle part of 1988 and the issuance of emancipation patents covering such lands by the end of the said year. One big problem that stands on the way to accomplishing this target goal within the given time frame is the increasing backlog of unresolved cases in the Central Office. It is, therefore, imperative that Regional Offices be now authorized to hear and resolve cases in their respective jurisdictions if we are to achieve our stated goat, otherwise, the backlog of cases in the Central Office would continue to mount and thereby delay the completion of the program.   IcSHTA

            In view of the above, cases within the jurisdiction of the Regional Offices shall henceforth be heard/investigated therein and thereafter resolved by the Regional Directors concerned. These cases include those arising from the implementation of Operation Land Transfer pursuant to PD 27 and amendatory and related decrees, letters of instruction, rules and regulations, as well as conflicts of claims in landed estates and resettlement areas and such other lands as have been placed under the administration and disposition of this Department.

            It is understood, however, that the authority to declare agricultural land as suited for residential, commercial, industrial, and other urban purposes shall remain vested in the Secretary of Agrarian Reform. Also, the authority to determine and fix leasehold rentals shall continue to be exercised by the District Officers conformably with existing rules and regulations.

            Copies of orders issued by the Directors shall be served on all the contending parties and/or counsel, if any.

            Motions for reconsideration of the orders of the Directors filed within the reglementary period shall be treated as appeals therefrom and such motion, together with the complete records of the case, shall be forwarded within five (5) days from receipt thereof to the Secretary, through the BALA Director, for resolution.

            The pertinent provisions of the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other applicable rules and procedural guidelines not inconsistent herewith shall continue to govern the conduct of the proceeding under this Memorandum-Circular.

            For immediate compliance.   HTSAEa

            May 21, 1987.


& Office-in-Charge, OSAR


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