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May 7, 1986




TO                :     All Regional Directors, District Officers, Team Leaders and All Others Concerned

SUBJECT    :     Clarificatory Guidelines Governing Disposition of Excess Areas Pursuant to Ministry Administrative Order No. 3-85


In order to expedite the completion of final survey of OLT covered lands and the generation of Emancipation Patents, the following clarificatory guidelines governing the disposition of excess areas are hereby issued:   SHaATC

The allowable farmlot area and the disposition of excess areas under Item Nos. I and II of Ministry Administrative Order No. 3-85 are maintained. However, in cases wherein the farmlot area exceeds that which is provided therein, the whole area in excess of 3 hectares or 5 hectares, may be reallocated, provided the farmer-beneficiary (FB) affected gives his consent thereto.

For this purpose, the whole area in excess of 3 hectares or 5 hectares, as the case may be, shall be segregated and surveyed as a separate parcel.

In cases where the aggregate area of several parcels actually tilled by a farmer-beneficiary exceeds the limit provided under the said Administrative Order, the whole parcel whose area approximately corresponds to the excess area may be reallocated, likewise with the consent of the FB.   cASEDC

For your guidance and compliance.

Diliman, Quezon City, May 7, 1986.




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