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September 14, 1992




SUBJECT    :     Signing Authority on Travel Orders
                           of DARAB Officials and Personnel'


        In relation with the provision of Section 3, Rule II, of the DARAB Revised Rules of Procedure, the Travel Orders of the Regional Agrarian Reform Adjudicators (RARADs) including those detailed at the Central Office, outside the Region or Office where they are assigned, shall be signed by any Member of the Board.   ITAaCc

        The Travel Orders of the Provincial Agrarian Reform Adjudicators (PARADs) shall be signed by their respective RARADs, except when no RARAD has been appointed, in which case, the Travel Order shall be signed by the Acting or OIC RARAD.

        In the case of detailed PARADs in the DAR Central Office, the same shall be signed by the respective Members of the Board to whom they are immediately reporting.

        The Travel Orders of the DARAB Central Secretariat staff shall be recommended by the Executive Director and approved by any Member of the Board. In the case of the provincial and regional DARAB staff, their Travel Orders shall be recommended for approval by the RARAD or PARAD concerned as the case may be, and shall be approved by the Regional Director or Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer concerned.

        Orders, issuances and other related circulars issued inconsistent herewith are hereby superseded.   EICSDT

        This Memorandum Circular takes effect immediately.

        September 14, 1992.





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