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July 23, 1993




SUBJECT    :     Organization of a Joint DAR-LBP
                           Field Task Force on Unpaid Distributed
                           Lands Under CARP


In order to fast-track Landowners' compensation of landholdings that have been distributed under Agrarian Reform Program but whose landowners have not yet been paid, all DAR Regional Directors and Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officers are directed to immediately undertake the following:

1.         In close collaboration with their respective Land Bank of the Philippines' counterparts, organize a Joint DAR-LBP Task Force which shall be tasked primarily to identify and pinpoint aforecited landholdings; and, thereafter, generate and/or complete the corresponding claimfolders for immediate processing and payment by the LBP;   aCHcIE

2.         To see to it that all problems and issues identified by the Task Force are immediately resolved, as well as the needed technical and budgetary support are adequately and timely provided; and

3.         To give top priority on all activities and/or actions required to ensure payment of subject landholdings at the earliest time possible.

A bi-monthly status report shall be submitted by the PAROs to the Regional Directors who shall integrate the same to the Regional Reports which shall be submitted to the Office of the undersecretary for Field Operations and Support services through the Assistant Secretary for Field operations and Support Services.   DCHaTc

For strict compliance.





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