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May 28, 1994




TO                :     Director, Bureau of Agrarian Reform
                           Legal Assistance (BALA) Chief, Conflict
                           & Claims Division, BALA Chief, Records
                           Management Division (RMD) Records
                           Officer, Office of the Secretary (OSEC)
                           All Concerned

SUBJECT    :     Procedure in the issuance of Finality
                           of Orders/Resolutions of Cases Arising
                           from the Administrative Implementation
                           of Agrarian Reform Law Issued by the


            Pursuant to DAR Memorandum Circular No. 03, Series of 1994 and for the guidance of all concerned, the following procedures in the issuance of finality of Order/Resolution of cases arising from the Administrative Implementation of Agrarian Reform Law issued by the Secretary, is hereby promulgated.

1)        Upon signing by the Secretary of the Order, the records of the case together with the signed Order will be sent from OSEC to CCD-BALA for processing;

2)        The CCD-BALA upon receipt of the same will send the signed Order to the Records Management Division (RMD) for mailing to the parties, and other concerned persons or offices, with the return card attached therein, while the entire records of the case will be retained by CCD-BALA for purposes of monitoring;

3)        The RMD, upon receipt of the return card, shall immediately transmit said card to CCD-BALA. However, in the event that the return card is not received by the RMD within the forty-five (45) days from the time of mailing, the CCD-BALA shall send a directive to the appropriate field office concerned with the attached copy of the Order for the letter to personally serve said Order.

4)        The appropriate field office shall render a report on how the service of the Order has been made and send the report directly to the CCD-BALA;

5)        After the lapse of fifteen (15) days from the receipt of the return card/proof of service to the parties by the field office, the CCD-BALA will issue a Certificate of Finality if no appeal to the Office of the President or the courts has been perfected herewith. Then the entire folder of the case will be sent to RMD for its transmittal to the field office concerned for purposes of implementation.

            Please be guided accordingly.

            Diliman, Quezon City, 28 May, 1994.





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