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October 23, 1995




TO                :     All Bureau and Regional Directors,
                           Department of Agrarian Reform
                           Adjudicators, Provincial Agrarian Reform
                           Officers (PAROs), Municipal Agrarian
                           Reform Officers (MAROs), Division
                           Chiefs and Other Personnel Concerned

SUBJECT    :     Observance of Measures to Uphold
                           the Integrity and Confidentiality of
                           Inter-Office Communications and Draft
                           Resolution of Cases Involving Agrarian
                           Reform Law Implementation and
                           Personnel Discipline


The draft resolution of cases involving agrarian law implementation, personnel discipline, agrarian disputes and land valuation are subject to review and approval by higher authorities. To prevent undue pressure on the reviewing officers, recommendations or draft decisions shall be treated with utmost confidentiality.   HIACEa

Unless otherwise treated in laws and regulations, the following shall be observed:

1.         Investigation reports, transmittal slips, memoranda, indorsement and other communications stating the action taken or recommendations of the officers shall be treated as confidential.

2.         Access to official records by a party to a case shall be limited to the documents and evidence submitted by him or be the opposing party, copies of which may be made available upon written request.

3.         The release of official records to any party/employee shall be made only upon the authorization of the heads of the unit where the case is pending action, the release of records or any part thereof of any DAR employee shall not be countenanced.

4.         A party inquiring on the status of his case shall be apprised accordingly, i.e., that the case is under evaluation, under review, or for transmittal/was transmitted to a certain unit or office without disclosing the specific action taken on the case.

5.         No copy of the draft Order or Resolution shall be released to any party until it is signed by the Secretary or any authorized officials of this Department and the same is officially cleared for release to the parties concerned.

6.         Any violation of this Order shall be subject to administrative, civil or criminal sanctions as may be warranted by law or regulations.

For strict compliance.   aScITE

23 October 1995, Diliman, Quezon City.





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