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February 13, 1996




SUBJECT    :     The Use of Internal Control Forms
                           for Land Survey Project Management


I.          RATIONALE

The Land Use and Management Development (LUMD) Fund, one of the biggest operational funds of the Department, covers all activities related to surveys of land under the coverage of CARP. With the large yearly fund allocation, fund management, and activities/accomplishment, monitoring become the major areas of concern for field and central office management. It is in this light, that tighter internal control measures be put in place in the Land Survey Fund Management System to strengthen the project prioritization and landholdings inventory. With the additional control measures, stricter processing of request for survey services will be established where only landholdings with complete documentation will pass the review and be approved for implementation.   HcaATE


1.         To institutionalize the use of the Requisition for Survey Service (RSS) and Survey Request Action (SRA) forms to facilitate prioritization of landholdings subject to survey; and

2.         To keep an accurate account and record on landholdings subject to survey.


A.        Requisition for Survey Services (RSS)

1.         The MARO shall make the request for survey service by accomplishing the RSS Form in triplicate. One RSS form shall be used for each type of survey.

2.         The MARO shall list landholdings in the RSS Form according to priority. Landholdings shall be listed in the RSS only once for each type of survey.

3.         The MARO shall only include in the RSS Form the landholdings which are completely documented based on the checklist, and have not been subjected to the same type of survey as requested.

4.         The MARO shall submit the original and duplicate copies of the accomplished and certified RSS Form to the PARO together with the documents as certified in the checklist. The triplicate copy shall be retained by the MARO for reference purposes.

5.         The PARO receive and assign control number to the RSS Form for control and monitoring purposes and return the duly numbered duplicate copy to the MARO.

The control number shall be as follows:


Where:              YY — year

                           T — type of survey

                           MC — municipal code

                           SSS — sequence number

For each type of survey, the following code shall be used:

1 — Perimeter/Boundary Survey

2 — Subdivision Survey

3 — Amendment/Correction Survey

4 — Other Types of Survey

B.        Assessment and Approval Of RSS

1.         The PARO shall assess the landholdings listed in the RSS Form submitted by the MARO based on the documents indicated in the checklist attached.   IaSCTE

2.         The PARO shall accomplish one SRA Form, in triplicate, for each type of survey and for each municipality. It shall be distributed as follows:

original copy              PARO

duplicate                     MARO

triplicate                     Regional Office

3.         The PARO shall prioritize landholdings approved for survey based on the assessment. The "REMARKS/ACTION TAKEN" shall indicate whether the landholding is approved or lacking in requirements.

4.         The PARO shall certify on the SRA Form and a control number shall be assigned for control and monitoring purposes.

The control number shall be as follows:

FORMAT:                 YY-T-MC-SSS

Where:          YY — year

                       T — type of survey

                       MC — municipal code

                       SSS — sequence number

5.         The PARO shall determine the mode of the conduct of survey, whether by contract or by administration. If the survey shall be undertaken by contract, it shall undergo bidding processes. On the other hand, if it shall be by administration, it shall proceed with survey activities.


A.        Municipal Agrarian Reform Officer

1.         Shall identify landholdings subject to survey within his area of coverage;

2.         Shall prepare and review the supporting documents of each landholdings based on the checklist; and

3.         Shall certify on the RSS as to the completeness of the documents of each landholding requesting for survey services and that the same landholding has not been subjected to same type of survey.

B.        Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer

1.         Shall assess the RSS submitted by the MARO;

2.         Shall prioritize and approve the landholdings requested for survey; and

3.         Shall determine, in the coordination with the Region, the nature of the survey, whether by contract or by administration.

This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately.   EDHTAI

February 13, 1996, Diliman, Quezon City.







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