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January 29, 1997




TO                :     All DAR Regional Directors
                           All RCLUPPI Executive Committee
                           All RCLUPPI Secretariat Heads
                           and Members

SUBJECT    :     Additional Guidelines On Land Use
                           Conversion Application Processing
                           and Status Reporting


          To ensure prompt processing and evaluation or resolution of land use conversion applications, as well as to preclude backtracking of the application-folders (LUCFs), the following shall be consistently observed, viz:

1.         No land use conversion application shall be accepted unless all the applicable documentation requirements are duly completed as mandated under Provision VII of Administrative Order No. 12, Series of 1994, as supplemented by Administrative Order No. 4, Series of 1995. The RCLUPPI Secretariat shall return the Land Use Conversion Application- Folder (LUCF) to the applicant, together with the Documentary Requirement Checklist (CLUPPI Review Form No. 01) duly accomplished and signed by the RCLUPPI Head Secretariat

2.         The RCLUPPI shall ensure the sufficiency, completeness, and authenticity of certifications and other documents submitted.   LibLex

3.         All Conversion Orders shall be properly docketed, according to region, year issued and number sequence of the Order, e.g., 04-1997-001: represents Region IV, granted in 1997, Sequence of Order (three digits starting at 001).

4.         Copies of the Conversion Orders shall be copy furnished the following Officers: MARO, PARO, CLUPPI, USEC-PPO/LAO and OSEC.

5.         An original copies of LUCF, together with the duly signed Conversion Order, shall be forwarded to the Records Management Division, Central Office DAR thru the CLUPPI. Duplicate copy, however, shall be retained by the Records Division, RARO.

6.         The RCLUPPI thru the Regional Director shall submit Quarterly Report using the following prescribed forms, viz:

a.         CLUPPI Report Form No. 01

Regionwide Status of Under Process Conversion Applications,(Monthly Report);

b.         CLUPPI Report Form No. 02

Regionwide Masterlist of Approved Conversion Applications, (Monthly Report);

c.         CLUPPI Report Form No. 03

Regionwide Masterlist of denied Conversion Applications,(Monthly Report);

d.         CLUPPI Report Form No. 04

Regionwide Status and Masterlist of Under Process Application for Exemption under DOJ Opinion No. 44 or A. O. No. 6, Series of 1994. (monthly Report)

7.         The Report Forms shall be accomplished every month by the RCLUPPI and to be submitted quarterly to the OSEC thru the CLUPPI, i.e., one (1) week after each month.

          For strict compliance.

          Effective immediately. January 29, 1997.





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