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March 9, 2000




TO                :     All Officials, Bureau Directors, Regional Directors, Provincial Agrarian Reform
                            Officers, And All Others Concerned

SUBJECT    :     Guidelines In The Conduct Of Dialogue At The Central Office



1.         Concerned/Interested PO/NGO shall:   aSIHcT

           prepare the request for dialogue which shall be forwarded to the Director-SCS for evaluation;

2.         The SCS shall:   ISDHcT

           conduct preliminary interview and deliberation of the issues to be presented and gather basic and relevant information, analyze, and determine the merits of the plaints/case;

           coordinate with the concerned office (Central or Field) to obtain verification of the accuracy regarding the status of the case;

           identify positive value as a basis to recommend if a dialogue is necessary;

           schedule the dialogue either on the afternoon of a Tuesday or Thursday at the HRD Training Center or an available alternative venue;

           prepare the Case Brief;

           coordinate with the concerned Officials needed for the dialogue and furnish them copies of the case brief two to three days before the scheduled dialogue;

           confirm the date and venue of the dialogue with the PO/NGO.


1.         The SCS shall:   CSIcHA

           inform the Intelligence Command and Security Unit (ICSU) that the DAR and a certain group is expected to have a dialogue;

           a background on the farmer's group shall also be given by SCS to ICSU.

           take charge in the venue coordination, arrangements and documentation;

2.         OSEC, FOSSO, PPLAO, BALA, DARAB, and PAS shall send their representative to attend the dialogue;


1.         The SCS shall:

           furnish the office concerned regarding the DAR Officials as well as NGOs specific agreements/commitments made during the dialogue and the respective time frame;

           monitor the compliance to the commitments made;

2.         The Offices concerned shall furnish the SCS updates of the cases;

3.         The FOSSO, OSEC, PPLAO, SCS, DARAB, and PAS desk officers shall meet at least once a week for updating the case and discuss necessary actions toward case resolution;

4.         The Security Guards shall ensure that no group shall be allowed to enter the DAR premises after 5:00 p.m. unless requested by the Director, SCS.   TAHIED

9, March 2000, Diliman, Quezon City.




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