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FOR             :     Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors For
                           Operations And Administration (ARDO's/ARDA's), Regional And
                           Provincial Adjudicators (RARAD's/PARAD's), Provincial Agrarian Reform
                           Officers I And II (PARO's I And II), Municipal Agrarian Reform Officers
MAROs), And PARCOMM Chairmen

SUBJECT    :     Instructions and Guidelines Governing the National Convention on Agrarian


As part of the CARP Anniversary celebrations, the Department shall be conducting a National Convention on Agrarian Reform on June 9-11, 2002 at the Fontana Resort, Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga. The objective of the said Convention in bringing together CARP field implementers including Municipal Agrarian Reform Officers is to forge a consensus and unity on "BAYAN-ANIHAN" as the framework of CARP implementation. It also aims that field implementers (1) hear the President speak of her visions and aspirations for the CARP during her administration, (2) meet in conference with the Secretary and other senior DAR Central Office Officials regarding the Department's operational thrusts and directions and the current administration's executive agenda as embodied in the validated Bayan-anihan and Kabayanihan programs, (3) attend and participate in workshops on various CARP program and policies, and (4) witness the awarding of citations to outstanding Field Men and our partners in CARP implementation. The tentative convention Program of Activities is attached hereto as "ANNEX A."    TSaEcH

As a prelude to the National Convention on Agrarian Reform (NCAR), a National Network Consultation and nationwide one-day Provincial Consultations on the Bayan-anihan and Kabayanihan programs were held. Subsequent to these Provincial and National Network Consultations, the refined and finalized executive agenda of the Department, based on the consolidated output of the afore-cited national and provincial consultations, will be formulated and will be presented as one of the highlights of the National Convention.


All Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors for Operations and Administration (ARDO's/ARDA's), Regional and Provincial Adjudicators (RARAD's/PARAD's), Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers I and II (PAROs I and II), Municipal Agrarian Reform Officers (MARO's), who are ACTUALLY performing as such, whether full-fledged or in an OIC capacity, are hereby ordered to attend and participate in the AR Convention. All participants are therefore directed to follow the following instructions:

1.         Unless otherwise indicated herein below, all field implementers who will be attending the National Convention are expected to report at the DAR Central Office (DARCO) on or before 12:00 noon of June 9, 2002. After registration at the DARCO, the field implementers shall be shuttled to the Fontana Resort where they shall be billeted for the duration of the Convention.

2.         All field implementers from Regions CAR, I, II, and III are directed to proceed to the Dau Bus Terminal in Mabalacat, Pampanga from which they will be brought to the Fontana Resort for registration and billeting. Personnel from the DARCO shall facilitate and coordinate the said transfer and registration.

3.         For the participants from the other regions, the DARCO shall assign personnel to meet them at the airport/seaport in Manila. Participants shall then be brought to the DARCO for registration and Fontana Resort for the Convention.

4.         Field implementers who shall take their own vehicle and proceed directly to the Fontana Resort shall coordinate with the Office of the Undersecretary, FOSSO for necessary adjustments in the registration and billeting.

5.         All participants to the convention are ordered to take the cheapest means of transportation to Manila. The DARCO shall be downloading the amount needed for transportation expenses of the MARO's subject to usual accounting and auditing rules.

6.         The DARCO is currently negotiating with shipping companies for fare discounts. The PARO's should immediately inform the Office of the Undersecretary, FOSSO of the particulars of the travel of personnel from their respective provinces to facilitate the said negotiation. The results of the negotiation shall be communicated to the concerned PARO's at the earliest possible time.

7.         The DARCO shall provide only the MARO participants transportation expenses to and from the participants' official station. Meals and accommodation shall be provided by the DARCO to all participants from July 9 (breakfast) to June 13 (breakfast).


In the implementation of the Bayan-Anihan Program of the department, several data, documents and reports shall be required from the field implementers. All MAROs are directed to secure and bring the following:

1.         Updated profiles of barangays in their municipality/city

2.         Updated barangay boundaries with infrastructures and other facilities mapped on it.

3.         FOSSO Matrix per municipality (form attached). This matrix should be supported with the list of landholdings composing the CARP Scope Balance, together with the information on the name of landowners, title number, area, and barangay location.

4.         Photocopy of duly accomplished and signed System for Performance Evaluation and Employee Development (SPEED)

            (The first two requirements may be sourced from the Municipal/City Planning Development Officer (MPDO/CPDO) or Barangay Chairmen. The third and fourth should be completed and brought by the MAROs.)

All PARO's and MARO's, except those of the provinces and municipalities/cities listed in Annex "B", are also ordered to bring the Provincial/Municipal/City Land Use Plan and Land Use Map with the information on whether the same has been approved by the proper authority and whether the same has been submitted with the HLURB.

All of the above documents should be consolidated at the provincial level and it is the PARO's responsibility to submit the complete documents during the Convention. The Regional Directors shall ensure that this requirement is complied with.


Immediately after breakfast on June 12, field implementers will be ferried to SM MegaMall, Mandaluyong City for the opening of the Agrarian Reform and Rural Development Exposition 2002 (ARRD EXPO 2002). From there, they will be brought to Luneta where they will join the Independence Day Parade.

PARO's are directed to ensure that all MARO's under them attend all the activities programmed from June 9 to 13.

Those who will arrive before June 9 and leave Manila after June 13 are advised to make their own arrangements for board and lodging.    SaICcT




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