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September 19, 2002




TO                :     All DAR Regional Directors/Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers and LBP-Agrarian
                            Operations Center (AOC) Heads

SUBJECT    :     Institutionalization of Monthly Consultation/Dialogue cum Problem Solving between
                           Concerned Officials of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and Land Bank
                           of the Philippines (LBP) at the Regional and Provincial Levels.


All DAR Regional Directors and Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers, and LBP-AOC Heads are hereby directed to coordinate regularly and hold monthly consultation/dialogue cum problem-solving to reconcile their respective data on the following:

1.         Landowners compensation claims under RA 6657 with: a) LBP Memorandum of Valuation (MOV) but without DAR Request to Pay (DRP) or DAR Request to Deposit (DRD); and b) LBP MOV with DRP or DRD but without LBP Certification (see Annex A);

2.         Landholdings that have been subjected to ocular inspection/field investigation by DAR and LBP but the corresponding Claim Folders have not been submitted to the latter (see Annex B);

3.         Year-to-date accomplishment on land valuation by province and by region (see Annex C); and

4.         Agricultural lands previously Distributed But Not Yet Paid under PD 27/EO 228 and EO 407 (see Annex D).

All problems, issues, needs and concerns (PINCs) jointly identified and threshed out during the monthly dialogue, together with the action/decision taken, shall be reported using the pro-forma report shown in Annex E.

A monthly progress report on Items 1 to 4 above, including the PINCs, shall be submitted every 7th day of the month to the DAR-Bureau of Land Acquisition and Distribution (BLAD) and LBP-Landowners Compensation and Assistance Group (LCAG). Your first progress report jointly signed by concerned DAR and LBP officials is expected on November 7, 2002.    CAHaST

The above concerned DAR personnel are to submit to DAR-BLAD, and the LBP-AOC to LBP-LCAG, the following reports not later than 7 October 2002:

1.         List of properties inspected during the period January 1, 2002 to September 30, 2002, classified as to: (a) With Field Investigation Report; and (b) Without Field Investigation Report. A new Field Investigation Report (CARP Form No. 3) shall be required for all properties inspected prior to January 01, 2002.

2.         Year-to-date accomplishment on land valuation for the period January 1, 2002 to September 30, 2002 by province and by region.

For your strict compliance.

Department of Agrarian Reform


Land Bank of the Philippines








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