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October 26, 2010




TO                :     All Regional Directors
                          All Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officers

SUBJECT    :     Clarificatory Guidelines on the Conduct of ARC Level of Development Assessment
                           (ALDA) for CY 2010


Memorandum Circular No. 3, series of 2001 provided that:    caIDSH

"(Item IV) That the key result areas (KRAs) of ARC development are defined as 1) Land Tenure Improvement. . . 4) Farm Productivity and Income. . ."

"(Item VI.2b) That the ratings in each KRAs are used in computing the Sustainable Rural Development Index (SRDI) which is supposed to measure rural development and growth of ARCs;"

"(Item VII.a) ALDA reports and Revised ARC action plans per province, region . . . shall be done which will form part of the performance contract of the Regional Directors, ARDOs, and PAROs;

"(Item VII.b) The ALDA shall be conducted in all ARCs annually (4th quarter of the year) and (narrative) report on its conduct and results shall be submitted every 15th day of January of the succeeding year;"

Memorandum Circular No. 10, series of 2003 likewise stated that:

"(Item IV.5) To justify delisting of ARCs, ARC barangays, and organizations, a thorough evaluation, to include field verification/investigations . . . should be conducted. Supporting documents such as . . . certification of concerned agencies (e.g., CDA), field investigation report, and LGU/PARCCOM and PARCTF endorsement should be submitted to the National ARC Task Force (NARCTF) for deliberation and approval."    ASDTEa

Memorandum dated 15 September 2010, on Operational Directives in the Conduct of ALDA for CY 2010 explicated that:

"In response to the need of having a reliable data on ARB household income and come up with a standardized tool in generating information, an Interview Guide in Generating ARB Household Income shall be used . . ."

Given the above provisions and in response to some concerns which arise on the conduct of ALDA, this Memorandum Circular is hereby issued to provide clarification on the following:

1.         Submission of ALDA Processed Data and Narrative Report

  • Under the Results-Based Organizational Performance Indicator Framework (OPIF) of the Department, the levels of development of ARCs are among the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on PBD. Specifically, the number of ARCs by level of development forms part of the deliverables of the Department. In terms of planning and targeting, the number and level of development of ARCs are among the parameters in determining the resources allocation on PBD interventions at the field offices.    ATDHSC
  • As agreed upon with field offices, the processed data and assessment results on ALDA KRAs such as on LTI, Organizational Maturity, ECOPISS, FPI (technology adoption), BSS, and GAD shall still be submitted to BARBD on or before 15 November 2010. However, results of the Household Income Survey will be submitted to BARBD on 15 January 2011 together with the regional narrative report on the over-all results of the ALDA which will include the processed data, analysis, implications, recommended interventions and the SRDI of the ARCs.
  • Recommended priorities and focus of interventions based on the ALDA results shall be integrated in the regional and provincial Work and Financial Plan for CY 2011 as underscored in a memorandum dated 15 September 2010 issued by the Undersigned as well as in the province-based strategic development plans per directives of the Secretary, which are to be submitted on 03 December 2010.

2.         Assessment of ARC Organizations

  • Organizations to be assessed in terms of their level of maturity are as follows:    acIHDA

a.         All cooperatives that have been re-registered with the CDA under RA 9520, including those that are still on process of re-registration;

b.         Cooperatives which have not been able to re-register because of failure to comply with the mandatory requirements but are still operational;

c.         All other organizations such as farmers organization/associations, irrigators association, women's organizations, etc. assisted (with local and/or FAPs funding) by DAR;

  • Organizations which will not be subjected to organizational maturity assessment (OMA) are:

a.         All cooperatives/organizations which have been officially delisted by the NARCTF;

b.         Organizations which are no longer existing and non-functional (officers no longer conducting meetings, no economic activity/business/services, and records are not existent) but which validation report from MARO and certification from CDA, BARC, RARCTF and PARCTF have been submitted to the NARCTF.    AEDHST

  • For purposes of safeguarding the integrity of the Department's database on ARCs, organizations which have not been subjected to ALDA shall not be automatically delisted from the national masterlist of assisted ARC organizations until the DARPOs and DARROs have satisfactorily complied with the requirements for NARCTF deliberation. Furthermore, the field offices must clearly state their justification an the non-inclusion of these organizations in the ALDA. The field offices are expected to include in their provincial strategic plans their program interventions for disenfranchised ARBs from the defunct organizations.

All Memorandum Circulars and other issuances inconsistent herewith are hereby amended, modified or repealed accordingly.

For information and strict compliance.

November 5, 2010. Diliman, Quezon City.    HAISEa




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