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May 20, 2003




SUBJECT    :     Creation of the Center for Agrarian Reform Enterprise and Rural Development

I.       MANDATE

Pursuant to the agrarian reform program as the foundation of growth and development in the countryside, as well as the need to shift towards rural development, thereby reaching out to more agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBs) and farmers in the countryside, the present administration has adopted, as its overarching program strategy, the Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan un Agrarian Reform Communities Zones (Kalahi ARC Zones).    EcHIDT

The program is aimed at achieving asset reform, poverty reduction, food sufficiency and farm productivity, good governance and empowerment of farmer-beneficiaries, and social equity through: a) acceleration of land acquisition and distribution program activities; b) integration, rationalization and institutionalization of support services delivery to the farmers; c) swift and just delivery of agrarian justice.

The implementation of the program, however, entails an enormous task that needs adjustment, strengthening and restructuring of the DAR management support systems. In order, therefore, to ensure congruency and well-coordinated implementation of all policies, programs and projects in the KALAHI ARC Zones, and in line with the Department's previous Organization Development (OD) efforts, as authorized under Executive Order No. 290, Series of 2000, the Center for Agrarian Reform Enterprises and Rural Development (CARE-RD) is hereby created under the Office of the Secretary.


CARE-RD shall serve as a "one-stop shop" that will package, arrange, coordinate and facilitate the implementation of strategic, high impact and innovative programs identified and/or assigned by the Secretary. This will significantly improve the socio-economic conditions of farmer-beneficiaries and provide landowners with opportunities to engage in agribusiness enterprises.    aEDCSI

CARE-RD shall mainly be responsible for the following:

1.         Initiate the development of strategic enterprise plans and innovative programs, to address global and national issues and challenges in agrarian reform and rural development.

2.         Design, test and/or replicate innovative farm and agribusiness enterprise management development arrangements and institutional capacity building approaches with greater private sector involvement in coordination with concerned units of DAR.

3.         Facilitate resource mobilization for investments and development finance for agrarian reform and rural development through appropriate incentives, risk-aversion mechanisms such as insurance, securities and guaranty schemes including tapping of credits under the agri-law development of long-term capital for farm and agribusiness enterprise;

4.         Promote broader advocacy and participation in agrarian reform and rural development through enhanced networking and linkages, integration and partnership strengthening with local and international agrarian reform and Rural Development partners/stakeholders;

5.         Monitor the implementation of the Department's key program areas and recommend measures that will enhance the implementation of key programs and special projects;

6.         Perform other functions as maybe assigned by the Secretary.    HcDATC


The Center for Agrarian Enterprise and Rural Development (CARE-RD) shall be under the direct supervision of the Secretary. It shall be an Executive Director who shall be appointed by the Secretary. The Executive Director shall provide policy, operational and administrative directions to the Center. The Executive Director shall be supported by a team of specialist/consultants, competent technical and administrative staff to be tapped from various offices in DAR Central and Field/Offices. The Center shall develop its organizational structure and positions that maybe created based on competency requirements.

The Executive Director may also call on the assistance of any other DAR office, units, officials and staff, if needed.


The Operating expenses of the CARE-RD shall be drawn against the budget of the Office of the Secretary.


This Memorandum Circular takes effect immediately. All Orders, Circulars, Memoranda and rules and regulations inconsistent with it are hereby revoked, cancelled or modified accordingly:

May 20, 2003, Diliman, Quezon City.    DTEIaC





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