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April 11, 2005



SUBJECT    :     Reconstitution and Strengthening of the Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point

1.         Prefatory Statement

In pursuance of the provision of the Constitution, Republic Act No. 6657, Republic Act No. 7192, Executive Order No. 348 and other related issuances, the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) issued Memorandum Circular No. 04, Series of 1992, providing the rules and regulations to build mechanisms to integrate women and pursue a non-bias gender consciousness for CARP implementation. While the said Memorandum Circular has laid down the necessary policy and program framework, there is a need to revise the existing rules and regulations to conform with the implementing rules and regulations of R.A. No. 7192, otherwise known as Women in Development and Nation Building Act.    cTECIA

One of the mechanisms established to institutionalize the implementation and operationalization of the Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development, is the setting up of the GAD Focal Point.

In order to effectively put in place the policies, support systems and structures to carry out the operationalization of the Philippine Plan for Gender and Development (PPGD) and for a better integration of gender concerns in the policies, programs and projects of the Department, the GAD focal point is hereby reconstituted:

A.        National GAD Steering Committee

Chairperson                 :     Undersecretary, PPLAO

Vice Chairperson        :     Director, SCS

Members                      :     Director, BARBD

                                             Director, BARIE

                                             Director, BLAD

                                             Director, PDMS

                                             Director, FIMAS

                                             Director, MIS

                                             Director, BALA

                                             Director, BLD

                                             Director, PAS

                                             Director, PARC Secretariat

                                             Director, PSRS

                                             Director, Administrative

                                             Director, Legal Service

                                             President, DARLA

                                             President, DAREA

                                             President, ARMMA

Secretariat                  :       Planning Service and SCS

            The National GAD Steering Committee shall have the following functions:

1.         Serve as technical adviser on gender and development concerns of the Department;

2.         Ensure the operationalization of GAD programs in the respective bureaus;    aTSEcA

3.         Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the PPGD of the agrarian reform sector;

4.         Liaise with NEDA and NCRFW on matters pertaining to R.A. No. 7192 and its implementing rules and regulations;

5.         Conduct resource mobilization and accessing to support the implementation of GAD programs;

6.         Collaborate and work closely, with existing employees organizations within the Department in advancing GAD issues and concerns.

B.        National GAD Technical Working Group

            The National GAD Technical Working Group shall be composed of permanent representatives coming from the various units of the Department represented in the National GAD Focal Point Steering Committee. The Director of Special Concerns Staff, shall be the Chairperson of the TWG. The Director of Planning Service will serve as Vice Chair. The following are the functions of the TWG:    DAaHET

1.         Convene the TWG bi-monthly, to assess and plan GAD programs and projects;

2.         Prepare reports for NCRFW and for the top management of DAR;

3.         Develop and implement mechanisms which shall ensure the mainstreaming of GAD in CARP;

4.         Establish coordinative mechanisms with DAR employees towards the advancement of GAD issues and concerns.    HEcSDa

C.        Regional GAD Focal Point

Chairperson                 :        Regional Director

Vice Chairperson        :        DARLA-SAKA Regional President

Members                      :        One representative from all existing units of the regional office

Secretariat                   :        One permanent representative each from Planning and Admin.

D.        Provincial GAD Focal Point

Chairperson                 :        Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer

Vice Chairperson        :        DARLA-SAKA Provincial President

Members                      :        One representative from all existing units of the provincial office

Secretariat                   :        One representative from Planning and Admin.

The regional and provincial focal points shall serve as the implementing mechanisms of the GAD programs and projects at their respective levels. It shall also ensure the operationalization of the agrarian reform sector of the PPGD.    aAHSEC

This General Memorandum Order takes effect immediately and revokes all orders inconsistent herewith.

April 11, 2005, Diliman, Quezon City.





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