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October 27, 2003


SUBJECT    :     Reconstitution of Center for Land Use Policy, Planning and Implementation (CLUPPI) Secretariat


In order to effectively carry out and implement the mandate provided under Executive Order No. 45 of the Office of the President with respect to the fastracking of all applications for Land Use Conversion and Exemptions pending before the CLUPPI Secretariat, there is an urgent need to reconstitute the present set up of the CLUPPI Secretariat. It shall now be composed of two (2) Secretariats. These are the Conversion and Exemption Group:

Undersecretary Ricardo S. Arlanza           Executive Director

Director Jeffrey M. Galan                           Over-all Head Secretariat

Conversion Technical Secretariat Group:

Angelita M. Noble                                        Conversion Technical Head

Annalissa V. Dimagmaliw                          Assistant Head

Edna P. Tubianosa                                       Technical Staff

Lina B. Espinas                                             Technical Staff

Josephine P. Sarvida                                    Technical Staff

Othello D. Dionisio                                      Technical Staff

Angel S. Rivera                                             Technical Staff

Sirikit A. Reyes                                            Technical Staff

Corazon Espinas                                          Legal Officer

Marichu L. Mariano                                     Legal Officer

Exemption Technical Secretariat Group:

Julie Othello G. Naredo                              Exemption Technical Head

Racquel P. Parba                                          Technical Staff

Ramon M. Alobba                                        Technical Staff

Valentino B. Magante                                  Legal Officer

Jacinto L. Baccay                                         Legal Officer

Juanito B. Gumpal, Jr.                                 Legal Officer

Mary Jane Bona                                           Legal Officer

In view of these organizational restructuring, two (2) separate CLUPPI Secretariats offices shall be set up. Each group shall evaluate all applications pertaining to their respective assigned task. An independent and separate administrative staff shall be organized to process all administrative concerns of each Secretariat.

Further, all cases pertaining to motions for reconsideration, appeals, petitions for revocation, motions for extension of development period and other petitions/motions relative to the conversion and exemption/exclusion shall now be the sole concern of the Office of the Secretary which shall set up its own secretariat. All cases determined by the Office of the Secretary as flash point cases and cases involving priority development projects may also be resolved by the said Office.

Under this Order, the CLUPPI Secretariat shall provide technical and administrative services to the CLUPPI Committees. The Head Secretariat shall regularly report the Secretariat's activities to the CLUPPI Executive Director.

Furthermore, all exemption cases involving five (5) hectares and below pending before the CLUPPI Secretariat shall be forwarded to RCLUPPI of Region IV notwithstanding its status for proper evaluation and disposal of the said cases.    ITECSH

This Order takes effect immediately and supersedes/revokes previous issuances inconsistent herewith.

Done this 27th day of October, 2003, Diliman, Quezon City.









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