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February 15, 2008



FOR             :     Field Operation Office (FOO)
                           Policy Strategic Research Service (PSRS)
                           Bureau of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Development
                           Management Information Service
                           All Regional Directors
                           All Provincial Agrarian Reform Officers

FROM         :     Undersecretary for FMAO and Chairperson, ARB Carding Steering Committee


SUBJECT    :     Operational Directives for ARB Carding and Identification System


In line with the institutionalization of the ARB Carding and Identification System as a tool of the Department in monitoring the status of the ARBs as productive and responsible owners of the land awarded to them, the following operational directives are hereby issued for completion and/or implementation in CY 2008:    aTEScI

1.         Finalization and approval of the Guidelines Drafting Committee (GDC) the proposed Administrative Order (A.O.) on the Guidelines Governing the ARB Carding and Identification System and its mainstreaming in the Land Acquisition and Distribution (LAD) Process before the end of the first semester, 2008.

2.         Completion of 562,456 ARB profiles covering CY 2000-2006 ARBs issued with CLOA and for submission to Management Information System (MIS). Initiate profiling of 43,000 ARBs expected to be covered based on CY 2008 target of 130,000 hectares, following the procedures of integrating the ARB carding in the LAD documentation folder.

3.         Submission to MIS of the initially completed 94,157 ARB profiles accomplished as of December 2007.    CTSHDI

4.         The MIS to issue ARB Identification Cards in June 2008 to 94,157 ARBs whose profiles have been completed.

For compliance.




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